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KwikChex to launch new RADAR resource to provide consumers with the most authenticated online information on businesses.

For consumers, it will enable them to:

  • Verify the true standards of businesses
  • Report fraud and get free assistance on recovering monies lost
  • Carry out individual checks on companies before buying

For businesses, it will:

  • Provide the best reassurance possible to consumers and increase revenues
  • Raise customer satisfaction levels
  • Defend against online defamation and distortion

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About KwikChex

KwikChex is dedicated to verifying critical information about businesses, including their standards. This information has been used to reassure consumers and to promote businesses. KwikChex was incorporated in the UK in September 2010.

Our work

KwikChex provides investigation and verification services that deliver accurate online information about businesses. For businesses, that means we can tackle online defamation and distortion extremely effectively. We also help protect consumers and take direct action against fraudsters. We have been delighted to have assisted many victims of fraud and deceit - from individuals maliciously attacked online to major businesses who have been misrepresented.

We have been featured in several hundred articles and television and radio broadcasts in over 20 languages and have members and clients across the world.

Praise for our work

'I would highly recommend this company to anyone who has been put in the same position as we were. They do what is says on the tin and no messing. Brilliant and very professional. We could go on singing their praise all day and would definitely recommend them.'
Mr & Mrs G

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Who we work with

In addition to advice given to consumers & businesses, KwikChex provides information, cooperates in investigations and provides assistance to the following:

    • UK Trading Standards
    • European Consumer Centre Network
    • UK Ministry of Justice
    • Competition and Markets Authority
    • UK Police
    • Action Fraud
    • Information Commissioner's Office
    • Financial Ombudsman Service
    • Direccion General de Comercio y Consumo (España)
    • Australian Competition and Consumer Commission
    • Lawyers
    • Insolvency Service
    • Television & Newspaper Journalists

Trading Standards Corporate Affiliate Membership

KwikChex is a Corporate Affiliate member of the UK Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI). This has been undertaken in line with the aims and values of the CTSI and is described as being for businesses who:

  • are concerned about customers
  • help consumers and staff with trading problems
  • promote good business practices

Our membership of the CTSI was granted after sponsorship from two Trading Standards Officers and an approval process conducted by the CTSI.

Notable KwikChex Actions

Advertising Standards Authority

BBC News Reports

Beating the Cyberbullies

Worldwide Media Coverage

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