Fake Reviews

We are the most renowned business for identifying and removing fake reviews - thousands of them, both positive and negative - helping reputable businesses against online defamation and preventing consumers from being deceived.

I have the good fortune of knowing this great organization. I can only recommend them as they are totally involved with you and will do their utmost to solve the many problems of fake reviews - which can totally damage your business and life. Clever and nice people highly recommend.


One of the most rewarding aspects of our business is helping individuals that have been viciously attacked online. The distress that can be caused is almost limitless.

I found KwikChex totally by chance when my family and I had been under attack via a vicious libellous blog set up on Google in my name. Google had failed to respond to us or to police. My MP had been helpless, my trade union uninterested; lawyers demanded large sums with no guarantee of success. KwikChex were hugely sympathetic and pulled out all the stops with their particular expertise and finally Google did the right thing and took the blog down. It was a horrible time and, without the KwikChex team, might well have ended badly. Google need to be made to take responsibility and respond to this type of malice. The KwikChex team did what others had failed to do and protected us.

I can't thank you all, and especially Chris, enough for your fantastic help over such a dark situation. Your company is so kind and I am sure it has made, and will make, many people's lives so much happier, safer and more secure.

Honest & Accurate Online Reputation

We verify the standards of businesses robustly and diligently - helping to ensure that accurate information is provided to consumers. Our processes may be audited to ensure their accuracy and diligence. We also provide very effective resolutions services that provide even greater reassurance and protection to consumers.

RDO has worked with the KwikChex team for the past 18 months and we continue to expand that working relationship. We value greatly their strategic advice and support.

We feel very fortunate that you have managed to bring this complaint to a satisfactory close on our behalf and appreciate the tireless effort all the team have contributed to our case - please pass on our thanks to all concerned. You never gave up and have been amazing!

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More About KwikChex

KwikChex is a young company, starting life in early 2010 and dedicated to verifying critical information about businesses, including their standards. This information has been used to reassure consumers and to promote businesses. KwikChex was incorporated in the UK as a separate trading company in September 2010.

Since then, KwikChex has evolved into a globally recognised brand and has achieved worldwide renown for using verification to promote and defend online reputation - and to tackle the growing problems caused by online defamation, harassment, cyber bullying, distortion and review fraud.

We have been featured in several hundred articles and television and radio broadcasts in over 20 languages and have members and clients across the world. The size of these businesses varies from 'one man bands' to multi-million dollar corporations and is a remarkable cross-section of industries and business sectors. We have also assisted many individuals who have been the victims of severe online harassment, providing new ways to resolve situations that have put people at serious risk by the worst kinds of defamation.

We continue to provide ever greater assistance to consumers too - by providing accurate information to them and helping them quickly resolve disputes over service - and by identifying rogue businesses. We intend to make KwiKChex online verification the world's most respected and reliable resource on standards, quality and reputation.


Our ‘Proof of Quality’ accreditation and resources are unique. They enable businesses to promote & protect their reputation and provide reassurance based on verified and reliably sourced information.
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Private Clients

Public figures and individuals are increasingly scrutinised on the worldwide web. Privacy is almost impossible to achieve and it is now accepted that people will look up almost anyone on the web. We use our resources to challenge and resolve the issues faced by individuals.
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Consumers can also apply to join our verification agent network - and be paid to provide accurate information, including checking the standards of our member businesses. We also provide a resolutions service for consumers that feel they have not had an appropriate response to their concerns from our members.
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KwikChex Ltd. Registered Office: 1st Floor 2 Woodberry Grove, North Finchley, London, N12 0DR. Registered in the UK, Company No. 07376192

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