‘Best On The Web’ Businesses Helping To Create A Better, Safer Worldwide Web

With the full launch of KwikChex now imminent, and the membership applications now available online, businesses have started to sign up to the KwikChex network.

The first members will feature in a special report which will demonstrate that they are leading the way in providing increased reassurance to consumers and web users, with  each one individually and independently checked in terms of:

  • Ownership Details
  • Contact Information
  • Security Levels
  • Privacy Policies
  • Online Reputation
  • Malware Checks
  • Spamming Checks

In addition, all KwikChex members have agreed to a code of ethics, which covers their overall business practices including customer service levels.

KwikChex is making it easy for consumers to be able to quickly and comprehensively identify 'Best On The Web' businesses - companies dedicated to great service and best practice.

Visitors to the KwikChex site will also be offered advice and recommended products that will help them improve their online safety and security.

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