Respond effectively to reviews

Even when you as an owner or manager are permitted to make a response to a review post,  it is not wholly effective because:

  • You are often only allowed to make a short reply (i.e., 200 characters on TripAdvsor), which is not enough for many situations.
  • There is a bias of trust engineered by the site towards the 'reviewer'.
  • Your response does not correct your rating
  • You cannot demonstrate that a more accurate perspective of your standards.

As a  KwikChex member, you can post a reply that qualifies that you are a member of a more trusted system - one that is provided by the leading  online authentication and reassurance resource,  It  effectively challenges the review, promotes your commitment to achieving excellence, supports honesty and invites verification.

An example of the type of response you will be able to post:

If this is a review from a genuine customer, please contact our service verification agent. We are a member of a scheme to raise standards and trust. Click on our ‘All Rounders’ seal on our website.

The KwikChex accreditation seal on your website will link to verification of your membership - and to a form that will enable posters to safely provide information that establishes that they have been a genuine customer.


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