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Roger Boyes is a British journalist and author. He is the Berlin correspondent for The Times, covering Germany and northern Europe.

Born: Hereford 7th August 1952


Reuters correspondent in Moscow (1976–1977)

Financial Times as an East Europe specialist in 1978

Bonn correspondent of the FT 1979 – 81.

Switched to the Times and became East Europe correspondent based in Warsaw where he covered the solidarity revolution and the imposition of martial law.

Posted to Rome as a Southern Europe correspondent (1987–89)

Bonn and Berlin correspondent 1993- 2010.


  • Meltdown Iceland: How the Global Financial Crisis Bankrupted Iceland, the Happiest State in the World (2009)[2]
  • A Year in the Scheisse: Getting to Know the Germans (2008)
  • How to be a Kraut (2007)
  • My Dear Krauts (2006)
  • The Naked President: Political Life of Lech Walesa (1994)

Works as Co-Author

  • Seduced by Hitler (2007)
  • Is it easier to be a Turk in Berlin or a Pakistani in Bradford? (2004)
  • Sezon na Europe (2003)
  • Surviving Hitler: Corruption and Compromise in the Third Reich (2000)
  • The Priest and the Policeman: The Courageous Life and Cruel Murder of Father Jerzy Popieluszko (1987)

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