TripAdvisor anonymity must end

Credits: The Telegraph Travel By: Charles Starmer-Smith

'Following the Advertising Standards Authority's ruling that TripAdvisor can longer claim all its reviews are by "real travellers", Charles Starmer-Smith calls for the website to re-think the way its reports are checked.

There are hoteliers queuing up to welcome the Advertising Standards Authority’s ruling that TripAdvisor can no longer claim that all its reviews are “honest, real or trusted”. But such a move does not go nearly far enough.'

'But there is a more sinister side. Log on to the TripAdvisor website and type the words “racist” or “racism” into its search engine and you might be alarmed by the results.
It is not the first time we have conducted such an exercise. An investigation by Telegraph Travel in October 2010 found that these two words appeared in more than 2,300 reviews on the website. Today it appears in more than 3,500 reviews.'

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