Travel Review Sites Ratings Notes

0. has been awarded 5 stars based on the degree of diligence demonstrated in publishing reviews. There is only one issue in terms of our criteria - that of displaying out of date reviews, which we will discuss with them. However, given the relatively few number of reviews and their overall standards, we viewed a 5 star rating as appropriate.

1. Verified reviews sites with reasonably up to date reviews. Inclusion of a management response would elevate these to 5 star.

2. Verified reviews sites with reasonably up to date reviews. 3 star rather than 4 star as also displaying unverified reviews.

3. Verified review site. 3 star rather than 4 as displaying out of date reviews.

4. Verified review sites. Reviews appear to be placed with reasonable thought as to value in terms of budget accommodation which they specialise in. Inclusion of management response would elevate these to 5 star.

5. Displaying unverified reviews only. Some systems in place for management response and disputes and some filters – but tests show review fraud still carried out with relative ease. High incidence of serious but unsubstantiated allegations. Out of date reviews displaying.

6. Unverified reviews only. Out of date reviews. Extensive evidence of review fraud and poor detection. Poor dispute and communications processes. KwikChex analysis was applied to Google Hotel Finder and Google + Local Reviews.

7. Unverified reviews only. Some systems in place to assist with disputes and communication. Out of date reviews. Evidence of review fraud.

8. Unverified reviews and out of date reviews. Ease of review fraud. Difficulty to deal with disputes. No management response.

9. Unverified reviews only. Extensive out of date information. Poor review fraud detection. Information not provided on ownership of website. Extensive claims of trustworthiness not validated in tests.

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