Police called in to investigate abuse aimed at participants of Channel4 programme Four in a Bed

Credits: Caterer and Hotelkeeper By: Janet Harmer

'Six of the bed and breakfast operators in the current series of the Channel 4 programme Four in a Bed are seeking legal advice after receiving abuse following their television appearance.'

'Chris Emmins, the founder of Kwikchex, the online company which helps businesses protect their reputation, said the victims are extremely distressed and believe that they have been misled by Channel 4 in how they could benefit from appearing on the programme. “They expected great publicity, but instead have suffered at the hands of obsessive characters who we believe, in some cases, may be disgruntled ex-employees of the business or competitor operators,” he explained.

Emmins went on to say that any business considering appearing on a programme like Four in a Bed should be very cautious and understand that such programmes are edited for entertainment, resulting in the best part of their businesses being cut and the most unflattering aspects being emphasised.'

Above excerpts and read the full article on www.catererandhotelkeeper.co.uk

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