Menacing Social Media: When Your Business is Defamed Online

Credits: Business 2 Community By: Cynthia Effinger

'The fact that a consumer can now share their experiences with thousands at a time through a simple Facebook post is both thrilling and frightening.'

'Amy’s Baking Company: A Social Media Nightmare

Amy, an Arizona restaurateur, and her co-owner husband recently appeared on the reality show “Kitchen Nightmares” and gave celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay a backstage pass to their failing business. While the episode created quite a stir, it was the owners’ subsequent actions that received national attention. After the airing of the show, people everywhere took to user-driven websites, like Yelp and Facebook, to express their abhorrence for the owners and the business.

Amy’s Baking Company experienced a social media meltdown. The owners reacted in a less-than professional manner by responding to negative posts with vulgar obscenities and threats of legal action. The documented online drama is a textbook example of how not to handle a social media crisis.

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