TripAdvisor under fire for ‘fake’ reviews on China site

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TripAdvisor has removed at least 10,000 reviews from its Chinese website daodao following complaints that they were fake.

Online reputation management company KwikChex is now calling for the site to be suspended until a "very thorough audit" can take place and new systems installed to better detect fraud.

It claimed that the reviews of 12 of daodao's top 500 reviewers have been deleted by the website following a study by KwikChex into online review sites which revealed "extremely suspicious activity" on daodao.

"The scale of the problems do seem so huge that it may be best to suspend the site completely until a very thorough audit can take place - and new systems put in place to better detect fraud," said Emmins.

"This has been corrupting content on all TripAdvisor websites and is a threat to the integrity of not just the TripAdvisor brand, but also to the brands of major hotel chains that were reviewed."

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