Businessman who has submitted 512 TripAdvisor reviews in one year accused of blackmailing a restaurant into giving him a free meal by threatening it with poor scores

mail-online250x100Credits: Mail Online
By: Lizzie Edmonds

* Chris Hobson, 46, who wrote 512 reviews in 2013, is site's 'top reviewer'
* But he is now facing legal action over one of his scathing critiques
* Director of Double Barrel Steakhouse and Grill claims his words are libelous
* Sarah Bird says man threatened poor score unless he was given a freebie
* Says she has instructed lawyers and has accused man of 'blackmail'
* Both his review and a reply she wrote have been removed from the site
* Mr Hobson says claims are 'ridiculous' and he always gives honest reviews
* Around 10% of restaurants he reviewed man rated as 'poor' or 'terrible'

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