Google Reverses ‘Real Name’ Policy

Google has announced that it is abandoning it's 'real name' policy for Google+, which affects Google Reviews and YouTube usage.

Coverage in the Guardian:

In truth, it was a minor attempt anyway at trying to tackle malice and lies, because Google didn't authenticate the 'real names' anyway - but at a time when review fraud and cyber-bullying has never been higher, it is nevertheless a step backwards in the process of providing web users and particularly consumers with reliable information.

New phase - and real names not needed

Online reviews are now in the biggest mess they have ever been in - and consumers are starting to recognise this. They remain so influential because of the priority Google gives them in search results - but as with the reasons behind Google's 'real names' decision, it's all quantity over quality.

The next phase which consumers are starting to demand will be based on a range of authentication processes. Businesses such as KwikChex will do what the majority of the current consumer feedback sites do not do - take responsibility for the accuracy of the information they publish. To do this, you don't have to publish real names - you just need to do everything possible to know who you are dealing with - that way you get privacy and accuracy. More on these developments soon.

Chris Emmins
Co-Founder, KwikChex

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