KwikChex  is a globally renowned brand providing Reputation, Reassurance and Resolution services to businesses, consumers, private clients and organisations across the world.

KwikChex For Business

Our ‘Proof of Quality’ accreditation and resources are unique. They enable businesses to promote & protect their reputation and provide reassurance based on verified and reliably sourced information. Consumers are able to quickly check information and standards of our member businesses - and to participate by leaving authenticated feedback.

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KwikChex For Consumers

Consumers can also apply to join our verification agent network - and be paid to provide accurate information, including checking the standards of our member businesses. We also provide a resolutions service for consumers that feel they have not had an appropriate response to their concerns from our members.

In addition, we and our members are relentlessly campaigning for changes that will prevent good businesses being damaged and consumers being misled by ‘review fraud’ and corrupted and inaccurate information.

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KwikChex For Private Clients

Public figures and individuals are increasingly scrutinised on the worldwide web. Privacy is almost impossible to achieve and it is now accepted that people will look up almost anyone on the web. We use our resources to challenge and resolve the issues faced by individuals. They often engage our resolution services and wish to remain discrete about our actions and involvement, which we are happy to do.

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Here's what KwikChex does:

  • We provide the means for our members to build, enhance, promote and protect, repair and measure their reputations and standards.
  • We provide the unique KwikChex  Proof of Quality accreditation and profile - demonstrating that our business members are reputable and are leading the way in accuracy,transparency and honesty on the worldwide web.
  • We enable businesses to provide verifiable customer satisfaction ratings process and Authenticated Reviews.These provide a true perspective of standards.
  • We take direct action against and assist in redressing defamation, review fraud, malice, harassment and misleading information and deception.
  • We promote our members and their standards in the media and across the worldwide web, including expert assistance with search engine results.
  • We provide monitoring and alert services to our members, searching millions of web pages and checking social media for references to their names, brands and businesses.
  • If our members customers do not feel they are being treated or responded to appropriately, they are able to notify KwikChex. We will respond swiftly and assist in resolving the issues.
  • We enable consumers to leave authenticated feedback - a key means of keeping standards high.
  • We are recruiting local ‘verification agents’ across the world who will be paid to verify information and check standards, including acting as ‘mystery shoppers’.

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