Code of Ethics

All members in all categories agree to abide by the KwikChex code of ethics and good practice.
The information below provides a guideline - the full code and further information is being produced at present and will be published shortly. Please see the news section for updates.

This is at the heart of all the principles. Members must demonstrate at all times that their ethos is founded on honesty, including how they represent their organisation, its products and services.

Members must ensure that aspects such as terms and conditions, offers, information and all elements that are likely to affect a customer's decision to buy are presented in a manner that makes them easy to find and easy to understand.

Members must openly identify the nature of their business or website and provide clear information on ownership, location of the business and the details of how management or owners can be contacted.

Members should strive to provide robust and fair guarantees, encompassing service, products and services - and must abide by those guarantees.

Customer Service & Responsiveness
Members code of conduct and ethos must encompass an undertaking of providing excellent service, including prompt responses to queries and complaints.

Members must protect all customer data by agreed and effective practices, safeguarding customers and persons registered on their databases from intrusions, unwanted contacts and fraud. Members must also verify that they are complying with the data protection laws of their country or countries of operation, including registering with the relevant authorities.

Advertising & Promotional Activities
Members must conform to ethical and honest practices, with no intent to deceive or mislead; they must comply with all the relevant laws of their country or counties of operation. In addition, higher tiers of membership and reputation can be achieved by members by compliance with relevant trade association conduct and rules - and by the attainment of official accreditation that verifies your principles, ethics and practices. Please see membership categories for further information.

In addition to the general practices, members must also substantiate that their websites are in no way damaging to customers and visitors. Members must provide information (published on KwikChex) regarding their precautions against viral attacks and hacking. They must also disclose their policy and practices regarding privacy related aspects such as the use of 'cookies and similar, web user tracking software and devices.

Ethical and Environmental Practices
Members must advise of their ethical policies and provide easy access (including via KwikChex) to such information.

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