To promote reputable businesses by enabling them to substantiate their better business practices through KwikChex membership

To provide a one stop business checking service for the public that enables them to quickly and simply find and understand crucial information on businesses and websites.

To use the transparency and ethical business practices of members to assist in the fight against fraud, poor ethics and malicious online activities.

To assist members to continuously monitor and improve customer service.

To help improve the confidence of web users and enable consumers to choose the right sites and sellers by providing relevant information and useful advice and recommendations.

To assist in protecting reputable businesses by independently verifying their reputation and to help dismiss unsubstantiated slurs, false accusations, misconceptions and exaggerations.

To be a part of helping to raise overall ethical business standards, including customer and employee care and consideration for the wider community and the environment.

To be the number one online reassurance resource by employing diligence, innovation, verification, energy and a passion for ethical standards.

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