Business Profile Update Form

Business Profile Form

Please fill in the details in the format you would like displayed on your KwikChex Business Profile. All items will be verified before being published.
  • Enter this how you would like it to appear on your business profile and your KwikChex certificate.
  • Please write just 1 or 2 lines that sum up your business. This will be displayed on your profile.
  • Please enter on one line, seperated by commas and include the Country.
  • Please enter the website address for your business.
  • Please include your international dialing code i.e. +44 (0) 845 519 3021
  • Please include your international dialing code i.e. +44
    If you do not wish for your fax number to be displayed please leave this entry blank.
  • Ensure this is the address you wish displayed to the public for general enquiries e.g.
  • i.e. Partnership, Sole Trader, Ltd, LLC, Inc, S.A.
  • If applicable - dd/mm/yyyy
  • If different to incorporation date - dd/mm/yyyy
  • If applicable
  • Please enter the name/s of the most senior person i.e. The Directors
  • i.e. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube - please enter the direct links to your pages within these sites.
  • This can be used for all business types, please adapt to suit you. i.e online company 24/7 7 days a week, B&B - open 365 days a year etc.
    Please check the boxes for the items you have displayed on your website.
    Or choose the last option if you have none displayed currently.
    *This includes general t & c's related to your business and includes items such as returns/refund/cancellation policies and guarantees.
    This is a legal statement used on the bottom of your emails.
    If you answered Yes - please send an email to: for us to verify
  • Are you a member of a recognised association, organisation or industry body? Do you have an official rating from a recognised organisation e.g. Hotel Tourist Board/AA Rating? Please give us details including membership levels/ratings where appropriate.
  • If you have any notes or comments related to the above form - please enter them here, otherwise leave this blank.
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