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As a Verified Business Member of KwikChex you will find that your profile will gain significant exposure on the Internet. Please ensure that your Business Profile is kept up to date.

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Site Seals

As a member of KwikChex you are required to display the KwikChex 'Verified Business Member Site Seal' on your website. To do this click on the link for further instructions

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This service is temporarily unavailable. Your Certificates will be sent by email to you directly whilst this facility is updated. If you have not received your Certificate please contact us here.



Here you will find some time saving templates such as Privacy Policies, Terms & Condition Policies etc to speed up your development of your website and to comply with Good Business Practice on the Internet.



Need support we are available from 0900 - 1700 Monday to Friday. Call 0845 519 3021 or click here to send an Email

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To edit your profile please enter the details in the form below. All updates will be checked by the Verification Team and will go live once verified. This will normally happen within 24 hours and generally immediately.

  • Please enter the name of your Business
  • Please enter your political office address not your persona home address.
  • Please enter the date your business started
  • Please enter the type of business
  • If your business is Incorporated please nter the date if just say No.
  • If your business is incorporated please enter the Company Number
  • Please enter the name of the Principal of the business
  • Enter the number of Employees (these can be full time, part time or freelancers)
  • Please enter your Office Phone Number
  • Pease enter your Ofice Fax Number
  • Please enter your Office Hours in the following format: eg. Office Hours: 9am – 4pm (Monday – Friday). 24 hour Message Service for outside office hours
  • Please enetr your Customer Service Email address
  • Enter the date you joined KwikChex
  • If you have a SSL Certificate please enter the name of the certifier ie VeriSign
  • If you provide a secure way of paying please say Yes or No (i.e do you use PayPal or have your own secure system)
  • Please say Yes or No (eg When your users enter personal infomation is the form used secure)
  • Please answer Yes or No if you display a Privcy Policy on your website. It is a requirement of KwikChex that you do.
  • Please say Yes or No (eg do you display your website terms & conditions on your website)
  • If supply goods do you display a returns policy on your website - Please state Yes or No
  • Do you display Accessibility information on your website - Please state Yes or No
  • Do you display a Disclaimer on your website - Please answer Yes or No
  • Do you use an Email Disclimer on all your emails - Please answer Yes or No
  • Does your business have a written email useage policy - Please anser Yes or No
  • Please list all organisations that you belong or subscribe to.
  • Please list all Associations that you belong, or subscribe to.
  • Please list all Accreditations that your business has attained such as ISO9001 ISO14001 etc
  • Please list all testimonials that your company has receieved and would like displyed on your Business Profile. You must include the name and contact number of the person. The contact details will be used to verify the testimonialbut will not be shown on the Public Business Profile.
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