You, the Consumer lie at the heart of the KwikChex initiative. With countless billions of web users, pages and businesses and its continued un-moderated explosion, it is creating many problems and challenges.


You can participate by:

  • Providing feedback on your experiences with our members. To ensure that this information is of the highest quality and can be regarded as reliable by other consumers, we will ask you to provide simple but effective evidence of your experience, including proof of purchase and contact information. You will of course still be able to keep your online identity private by creating a user name.
  • Applying to become one of our global ‘Verification Agents’.  If your application is successful,  you may be asked to check and verify information and standards of member businesses in your area, or to sample / test and review products and services and act as a ‘mystery shopper’. Rates for these service vary according to what is being provided and location, but will always be quoted prior to confirmation that we would like you to provide the service.
  • Letting us know if you are not satisfied with the treatment you have received from one of our members. If you feel that their response to the concerns you have raised is not to the high standards expected,  we will raise the issue on your behalf and respond quickly to you. We will investigate, monitor the outcome and seek to provide a resolution as a matter of urgency.

Other reasons for becoming a member
When you browse the Internet are you sure that what you are reading or which business you are buying from are trustworthy? You can become part of the KwikChex ‘Find It Trust It Revolution’ - consumers and great businesses working together to make it easier to locate businesses, products and services and to know that the information you see is accurate and comes form reliable sources.
Have you found a great website that you feel is of an exceptionally high standard?
Have you experienced great customer service?
Do you have a complaint about a business but have no one to turn to?
Are you worried about the trustworthiness of an online business you have found?
Do you believe that a business is making false claims or has fake ‘testimonials / reviews?

As a KwikChex Consumer Member, you can let us know and we will evaluate the information you give us, assist you whenever we can - and will use the information to help protect consumers, raise standards and build a more trusted worldwide web.

If you are interested in our KwikChex Consumer Services Please Contact us.

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