Extra Protection

Make sure you are protected and secure.

KwikChex have identified some usefull products available online that will help you fight online security and protect your reputation.

Data Protection



SSL Security Certificates

  • Secure Site - £259 excl. VAT - 1 Year
  • Secure Site Pro - £599 excl. VAT - 1 Year
  • Secure Site with EV - £599 excl. VAT - 1 Year
  • Secure Site Pro with EV - £899 excl. VAT - 1 Year

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Achieve Instant USB Security with SafeStick the Fastest Secure USB Flash Drive

BlockMaster offers a complete fastest secure USB flash drive solution.

SafeStick® provides mandatory password protection and automatic hardware encryption of all stored data.

SafeConsole® offers enterprise grade management capabilities of SafeStick such as remote password recovery, custom password policy and remote kill of rogue drives.

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ValidSoft is a leading global supplier of Strong Authentication and Transaction Verification solutions that enable organizations to provide secure access to services and counter even the most sophisticated electronic fraud. Our solutions combat Man-in-the-Middle and Man-in-the-Browser attacks, thereby increasing consumer confidence, reducing operational costs and protecting the integrity of electronic transactions.

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Our bodies are our greatest possessions, and we all prize our health and do everything we can to maintain it. Yet there are plenty of scam artists out there ready to take advantage of the desire for health. In the complex world of medicine and health treatments, with so many alternatives, sorting the real from the fake can be a difficult path. Prove that your business stands above the rest.


Identity Theft 

ID Vault


ID Vault is a client-based software product specifically designed to provide security for consumers when they bank and shop online. ID Vault provides protection against existing, new and emerging threats on the Internet by protecting users’ credentials on the PC, automating the log in process and delivering safe access to online sites.


Garlik are leading technology innovators and identity experts set up by the founders of the online banks Egg and First Direct. With a range of products and services they aim to give individuals power over the use of their personal information online.

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The free trial has full Antivirus, Antispyware, Spamfilter, Firewall, Backup and Support capabilities to secure your computer from viruses, hackers and data-loss. It's all the security you need - in one package!

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Online Credit Checking




Credit Checks, Credit Ratios, Operations, Directors, Financials, Companies House Info, Principal Shareholders Share Summary, Mortgages and Charges. Get 364 days worth of credit data free on chosen company

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