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Phuket Property Watch: Just how real is real?
Phuket Gazette, 3rd July 2013: Phuket Property Watch: Just how real is real?
"Another interesting site, KwikChex, is seizing an opportunity to lead the space in online reputation and internet defamation. Here, proof of quality is meant to assure customers that what they read online is credible and real."

Ups, Restoran Fiktif Masuk Ulasan TripAdvisor
detiktravel, 29th July 2013: Ups, Restoran Fiktif Masuk Ulasan TripAdvisor

Hotel employee caught posting anonymous TripAdvisor reviews
TravelBlackboard, 31st May 2013: Hotel employee caught posting anonymous TripAdvisor reviews
According to the report, Mr Hook had been publishing reviews under the name ‘Tavare’ since 2010, but was caught out by online reputation management firm, Kwikchex after TripAdvisor’s Facebook app displayed the name, photograph and location on Mr Hook’s Facebook account."

Who reviews the reviewers?
Yahoo, 9th May 2012: Who reviews the reviewers?
Enter Kwikchex, the reputation management firm which has built its name on attacking TripAdvisor (and others) for accepting 'unverified' reviews -- from people who may never have stayed at the hotel or used the business -- and which recently jumped the divide into assisting consumers, with a rating system for review sites."

Is that Review Genuine?
VoyagersWorldLogo, December 2011: Is that Review Genuine?
If you start with the fact that there is no verification process – not even to confirm that is a genuine customer that has written the ‘review’, then you have to sensibly start from a point of mistrust,” said Chris Emmins, co-founder of "In fact, the evidence is very strong that review fraud (positive and negative) is at extremely high levels in several countries in the Asia region - notably India, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand.” (Chris Emmins, KwikChex)

Business Traveller, Asia-Pacific A Time for Proof
Editor's Note, Published: 07/09/2011 By: Margie T Logarta, Managing Editor, Asia
"It will be interesting to see how TripAdvisor, the extremely popular travel review website of Expedia, will emerge from the imminent investigation by the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) into claims that many of the published comments are false."
" asserts that TripAdvisor does not bother to verify the some 50 million reviews that appear on the 18 sites, covering 27 countries, that it runs."
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14th September 2010, Hong Kong 英美集体控旅游网TripAdvisor

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