Proof Of Quality – for Businesses

How can you ensure your business stands out amongst the millions of other businesses in the world? How can you ensure your online profile is a true reflection of your standards - and that your business is not unfairly portrayed?

How can consumers even begin to trust the information they see on the Internet and in advertising?

KwikChex Proof of Quality accreditation and resources cut through the huge and growing  problems on the Internet such as misinformation,  false claims, fake reviews and defamation. We are promoting Proof of Quality across the worldwide web and in the media. This ensures that good businesses get noticed and are defended against malice - and consumers can access reliably sourced information.

The checks that are carried out on each of our members and all the necessary ownership, trading history and contacts are visible on a Proof of Quality profile.
In addition, we do the following:

  • Provide Authenticated Reviews systems, customer satisfaction statistics and feature other reliable, verified feedback.
  • Help our members to ensure their websites and marketing materials are accurate.
  • Challenge inaccuracies and falsehoods - positive or negative.
  • Assist with actions against review fraud and gross distortion.
  • Provide a resource for consumers to raise concerns about our members - and help resolve issues that they feel have not been dealt with appripriately.

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