Reputation Reassurance and Resolution

Joining KwikChex as a business, consumer or private client member means that you are joining a global network based on Proof of Quality. KwikChex is providing a new standard of verified information that puts Reputation, Reassurance and Resolution at the forefront of business ethics, marketing, personal integrity and consumer protection.

Reputation should be founded on reliable information. KwikChex checks to make sure that is the case, verifying standards,  authenticating data, comments and feedback and challenging falsehoods.


Businesses and private clients can use KwikChex verification and ‘Proof of Quality resources to robustly reassure consumers.


If a consumer has a concern about a KwikChex member, or feel that they have not had the appropriate response to an issue they have raised with a member, know that they can contact us and that we will respond quickly - and will assist in finding a fast and fair resolution that confirms the commitment to high standards our members make when they join KwikChex.

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