Authenticated Accreditations

KwikChex launching Global Accreditation Checking Service

Many thousands of websites claim accreditation for their businesses. Often they display logos and accreditation seals of major brands. The problem is that many are bogus and are used by rogue businesses and scammers. Even if the business is actually accredited, it is more often than not extremely difficult for a consumer to check if an accreditation is genuine. That's bad news for consumers, genuine accredited businesses and the major brands.

KwikChex is providing a new and unique service that will enable consumers to easily check if accreditation is real and will help to promote reputable businesses.

Authenticated Accreditations

- Included in standard KwikChex Proof of Quality Membership
If you already have a well earned business accreditation, then ensure that visitors to your website know it is real - and let as many people know about it as possible. KwikChex is providing a unique service that confirms that your credentials are genuine - and promotes you through website listings and media activities. Make your business stand out and don't let your competitors steal business from you by displaying bogus accreditations!

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