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KwikChex provides reputation and marketing services to many kinds of businesses and organisations across the world. Sometimes the issues of building, enhancing, promoting and protecting reputation can be complex.

If that is the case, our expertise and resources come into their own. You may have decided that  your business needs a complete revamp - including not just your brand, but also elements such as your online profile and your customer service processes.

Or you may have had some unforeseen issues that even though remedial action has been taken, are still affecting consumer confidence in your business.

Examples of cases we deal with:

  • An IT problem that although relatively small and short lived resulted in escalating poor publicity and lost business for an online travel company.
  • A sustained 'hate' campaign against a long established small business.
  • A poor online profile for a major retailer over service standards  that has been blown out of all proportion
  • A false and malicious  blog campaign against a company by an employee sacked for incompetence

We are also devising Promote & Protect solutions for a number of specific sectors, including travel & hospitality, education, health and care services, gaming, finance, pharmaceuticals and the motor industry.

If you want to use an enhanced reputation to generate greater success or have any concerns that are affecting your business, please contact us for a free consultation.

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