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KwikChex Proof of Quality Membership*

Annually - £195 per year


The KwikChex Awarded Mark of Business Dependability

The foundation stone of a great reputation and the unique mark of the world's best businesses. Quite simply, an incredibly cost effective way to market and protect your business. We check all businesses before they are allowed to display the KwikChex Proof of Quality seal - and that means as a KwikChex Authenticated Business* there is an instant strengthening of that most vital factor - your reputation.
Perhaps most importantly, having earned the accreditation, you need to ensure that as many people as possible know about it - and that is what KwikChex will be doing for you. Our own reputation and value continues to grow and we never stop promoting (and protecting) reputable businesses and their value to consumers and the media.

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Benefits of Membership

  • Display KwikChex Proof of Quality Seal on your website
  • Display Accreditation Certificate
  • Client Area for Business Support & Promotion
  • Draw Attention to KwikChex Code of Ethics & Good Business Practice
  • Immediate assistance and support on online defamation issues i.e. fake and malicious reviews
  • Link to your KwikChex Profile
  • Use your accreditation in advertising, PR etc
  • KwikChex Authenticated Accreditations - click here
  • Win more business
  • Provide reassurance for your visitors and customers
  • Gain from KwikChex Promotional & Media Activities
  • Proof of Quality profile fed into search engines

*By becoming a member you agree to abide by the KwikChex Code of Ethics & Good Business Practice, please ensure you read this document before signing up.
Please note that if, after you have been given KwikChex accreditation there was evidence that your business was failing in maintaining standards or not abiding by the KwikChex Code of Ethics and Good Business Practice we have the right to suspend your membership pending further investigation and where applicable remedial action. No refund applies in this situation. We hope that you will appreciate that this condition is necessary in order to maintain the integrity of the KwikChex system and to protect members and consumers.


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