Reputation Rescue & Enhancement

There are situations when more than our reputation verification and promotion services are required - notably when businesses and individuals have been subjected to online defamation.

Dealing effectively with online defamation usually requires expert assistance. Whilst legal action is an option and in some cases may be the most appropriate course, libel actions against malicious online attacks can be notoriously difficult and expensive. They may also drag on for a considerable time, during which the damage continues to be done. Typically, there are problems with jurisdiction, identifying the perpetrators and the legal liabilities of the website owners, who often attempt to protect themselves and posters with disclaimers and by allowing anonymity.

What We Do

Our actions are immediate. We will first evaluate the case and then advise whether we are able to assist. We will then make our recommendations and quote the cost of us handling it.

Posts On Review Sites, Blogs Etc.

We have an excellent track record of removing false and malicious posts on reviews sites, blogs and social media. If the posts are not removed promptly, they can be officially flagged by KwikChex as untrustworthy and visitors are directed to a suspect / fake reviews resource on the KwikChex site.

Severe Cases

An increasing number of businesses and individuals are being subjected to full blown online attack campaigns. These often include the setting up of websites solely to destroy reputations. In many cases, they use domains that contain the names of businesses or individuals in a bid to hijack searches and make their defamation more effective.

In these instances, we provide bespoke services to resolve the situation.

We have proven expertise in these matters and can mount an, immediate defence  strategy that can:

  • Remove the offending online material completely
  • Seize ownership of a domain
  • Effectively and precisely highlight the false nature of the attacks
  • Reduce the visibility of the attacks
  • Identify the perpetrators
  • Enhance the reputation of the victim of the attack

If you have made an error or your business is attracting criticism:

Some businesses that are otherwise reputable, may make mistakes or have systems / service problems that result in extensive criticism. In the online world that we live in, this can prove extremely damaging. KwikChex provides an expert remedial service that can turn the situation around very rapidly.

An immediate positive effect is produced by engaging KwikChex and announcing this as a credible commitment to resolving the issues.

A remedial strategy will be implemented that not only reduces the criticisms, but will also provide the foundation for an excellent ongoing reputation - and a lot more business.

Unsure of what to do about Defamation & Fake Reviews?

Feel free to let us know about the circumstances of your case and we will be pleased to provide you with free advice.
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Or for details and case studies of our Reputation Rescue services and to confidentially discuss any issues you may have, please contact us.

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