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The travel & hospitality industries are under more pressure than most when it comes to online reputation. Many of the best known 'feedback' resources are open to abuse and false or inaccurate review postings, both positive and negative are widespread. This is bad news for reputable businesses and also for consumers who are being misled.

KwikChex is leading the way in helping outstanding businesses to stand out - and in creating a more honest worldwide web.

Sign Up to Enhance Your Reputation and Promote and Protect Your Business

Promote & Protect Membership
- £195 GBP (per location, per year)


Membership of an inspiring reputation initiative that you can use to publicise your business and prove your commitment to achieving all round excellence. More info...

Promote your business on a worldwide scale, online and in the media - emphasis on raising standards and increasing honesty and consumer protection.
And Protect
You will be able to respond immediately and much more effectively to anonymous reviews on sites such as TripAdvisor and Google Maps
Enables you to invalidate or take remedial action on criticisms on such sites via a KwikChex powered verification resource. More info...
'Future Proofs' you against ongoing problems - and encourages improvement and fairness.
Includes a Group Defamation Action if you (like many thousands) have suffered from serious and damaging false allegations or unjustified abuse. More info...

Multiple Locations? If you are a business with multiple locations that would like to participate please call us and we will setup your accounts for you.

Please note: Certain criteria must be achieved for full KwikChex Accreditation and therefore certificate and web seal supply (we will provide help and guidance to reach these criteria).
Please also note that if, after you have been given KwikChex accreditation there was absolute evidence that your business was failing in maintaining standards, we would suspend your membership pending further investigation and where applicable remedial action. We hope that you will appreciate that this condition is necessary in order to maintain the integrity of the KwikChex system and to protect members and consumers.


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