Praise for KwikChex.

Here we feature some of the praise KwikChex has received. We are particularly proud that in addition to our work with businesses around the world, individuals, including consumers we have helped and those maliciously and falsely attacked online have also expressed their thanks for what we do.

"I have had no further contact from ITRA, thankfully, after they returned all my documents. I have now been released from (my timeshare) at a very low admin cost so I am relieved with that.
I have no objections to helping others if I can and have appreciated the help and information given by yourselves and Mindtimeshare who gave me your contact details."
FB, Nov-16

"I greatly appreciate all the advice you have given me. It is all  extremely helpful. Its nice to hear from people who care. Thanking you and hoping your business goes from strength to strength :)"
BK, Nov-16

"Having experienced a timeshare issue and having been totally mislead by Timeshare Release/ITRA/ECC, I was lucky enough to come across KwikChex - a reputable company who help consumers like me with timeshare issues. The responses from Chris and Gemma were quick and extremely helpful: their advice has been invaluable . For the first time in months, we have piece of mind. For anyone who has timeshare issues, you should make KwikChex your first port of call for professional, friendly, and honest advice."
SM, Oct-16

"Just a note to let you know that we have accepted the offer from our timeshare company. We will certainly be glad to get closure on this matter. Without your wonderful team we would still be in the same situation. Thank you all very much. Keep on doing your good work."
JM, Oct-16 See blog post regarding this case

"Had it not been for the actions; dedication and encouragement of Chris Emmins and his team at KwikChex it is highly questionable whether we would have been able to pursue this action through to a final successful outcome against ITRA. We would encourage anyone who is or have been victim to similar treatment as experienced by us with ITRA to make contact and place themselves in the safe and trustworthy hands of KwikChex."
H&B W, Aug-16 Full letter is available here

"I can't thank you enough for saving me here, you truly have a very detailed and thorough process which really made a big difference in my decision let alone it made me simply avoid a landmine I was about to step on! Your expert service, prompt action and punctual response makes me and others like simply seek every way possible to support you and recommend your services everywhere to educate, warn and assist others to open their eyes widely before following such false claims."
HH, May-16

"We have found KwikChex to be extremely proficient in providing online investigation services, individual and corporate due diligence and liaison with regulators and the media. The services help us to protect our business reputation and enable us and our clients to make informed decisions. They respond rapidly and expertly and provide an invaluable resource."
CL, Mar-16

"I used KwikChex to help demonstrate the positive feedback from my clients. They have been really helpful and its been a good experience."
RU, Mar-16

"KwikChex have supported the reputation of our business as though it was their own . Their service and all round care was second to none."
DY, March-16

"Just to inform you that disputed review has now been removed from our page.
Thanks for your help."
TP, Nov-15

"You are definitely the REAL BEST! The false review has been deleted.
When in trouble.. as said many times..good having such reliable expert friends to give a help as you do.
Huge thanks."
OB, May-15

Huge thanks!
All is said in the title.. both reviews have been canceled;
Thanks again for your great and very efficient support and so good to have such reliable and efficient friends as you especially when in trouble."
OB, Apr-15

"I can't thank you all enough for your fantastic help over such a dark situation. Your company is so kind and I am sure it has made, and will make, many people's lives so much happier, safer and more secure."

"I had the chance knowing this great organization which are really doing their best for you whatever the problems you might encounter with fake reviews. Reliable and cool people and I can only recommend them as they are totally involved with you and will do their really best to avoid many problems which can totally damage your business or life. Clever and nice people highly recommend"

"Your organisation is to be commended as simply brilliant. THANKYOU TO ALL YOUR TEAM!"

"I found KwikChex totally by chance when my family and I had been under attack via a vicious libelous blog set up on Google in my name. Google had failed to respond to us or to police. My MP had been helpless, my trade union uninterested; lawyers demanded large sums with no guarantee of success. KwikChex were hugely sympathetic and pulled out all the stops with their particular expertise and finally Google did the right thing and took the blog down. It was a horrible time and, without the KwikChex team, might well have ended badly. Google need to be made to take responsibility and respond to this type of malice. The KwikChex team did what others had failed to do and protected us."

"I like to say thank you very much for your help. I am really grateful for all the help you guys have given me. You guys have made me feel more secure doing shopping online. Thank you"

"I would highly recommend this company to anyone who has been put in the same position as we were. They do what is says on the tin and no messing. Brilliant and very professional. We could go on singing their praise all day and would definitely recommend them."
Mr & Mrs G

"I really appreciate your fast, friendly and professional attention to this matter and I will certainly look positively if I have to deal with any future company bearing the Kwikchex accreditation."

"We can't thank you enough for helping us with this matter Your service has been wonderful, will highly recommend you to anyone in the same sort of trouble."
Mr & Mrs C

"I was more than a little distressed (about fake bad reviews attacking my business on TripAdvisor). My business is my life & the only way I can support my daughter & also my staff, who are more like family to me than staff.
One day I came across KwikChex & realised I wasn’t going mad after all & that many others had been stalked & victimised in very similar ways.
I rang them the same day & to my surprise they rang me back in Viet Nam.
I remember very clearly being quite emotional speaking to them & I always get a bit that way when someone is being kind & decent to me but asking for nothing in return.
I’ve since joined KwikChex but was never once asked to & mind you the price is really very reasonable too.
After TripAdvisor were contacted by KwikChex about the fake reviews, within 7 days, the posts disappeared. My warmest gratitude goes out to all the KwikChex team & all of us here will be forever in your debt."


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