TripAdvisor Takedown notice

Information required for TripAdvisor Takedown notice

Please fill in the below information required for us to act on your behalf and submit a notice to TripAdvisor of defamatory content. You must be a KwikChex member to use this service.
  • I refer to the website [please insert the relevant TripAdvisor website (e.g.] (the “Website”) and now give notice to TripAdvisor that via its Website it is causing or contributing to the publication of a defamatory statement.
  • [please cut and paste the posting in which the relevant statement appears].
  • [please cut and paste the address of the relevant web page from the Website where the defamatory words appear].
  • [please repeat the exact words appearing on the Website which you are complaining about].
  • [please state why you consider these words to be defamatory].
  • [please state why the words complained of are untrue and what you believe the true position is].
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