Verification is the key to business reputation and consumer protection

KwikChex has led the way in investigating and verifying facts - helping correct falsehoods and publishing accurate information.

​Our Motivation

The founder of KwikChex, Chris Emmins was hit not once but twice by substantial business fraud. The first was the Richbell Group who purchased one of the businesses started by Emmins - and then ran it into the ground, using its cash to help prop up the huge mess and deceit that was Richbell. Chris Emmins reported the situation to the authorities and not long after Richbell was exposed and collapsed. News report re Richbell Group The second was at the time the biggest corporate fraud in the world - WorldCom. This company collapsed owing substantial monies and effectively wiped out the business owned by Chris Emmins. Bernie Ebbers the CEO of WorldCom is currently serving a 25 year imprisonment sentence for fraud Aside from the obvious pain suffered directly, the knock on effect to our employees and suppliers was enormous. Although obviously a commercial organisation, KwikChex was created to help fight fraud of many types and work towards the best in online information accuracy.

Our clients

KwikChex commercial clients include lawyers, beauticians. kennel owners, academics, IT and online businesses and of course travel and hospitality companies - in fact just about everything you can think of and across every continent. ​Whether you are a business or a consumer and no matter where you are based​​, if you are looking for assistance with online reputation or have concerns about fraud and breaches of consumer laws, or would like information on our services,​​ please let us know.

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