Reputation has always been important - but the internet has made it the number one concern in travel and tourism. Find out how you can most effectively promote, improve and protect your reputation.

Get more control over your reputation with our Reputation Power Tools services.

Get better reviews - and get more of them!

Our new app - called Howdwedoo? is what businesses have been asking us for. For the hospitality and travel sector, it's particularly strong. It is designed to:

  • Focus on gaining more positive reviews and less negative ones on TripAdvisor
  • Show you specific areas where you can still improve
  • Move you closer to your customers
  • Help protect you against fake reviews and distortion

This is a product that is fully intended to win you more business and get a great return on your investment

Fight fake reviews and defamation effectively!

KwikChex has been the leader in dealing with the problems of fake and defamatory reviews for over 3 years. We act as consultants and advisers to law firms and governments We know how to get them removed from the most important websites - and many companies from all over the world can testify to that. By the end of 2013, we will have added substantially to those successes with the introduction of new methods and resources.

Find out how you can guard against these malicious attacks on your reputation

And there’s more!

New and improved resources being launched include a brand new online video review service to push your positive results up search engines (called V-Views)


Verified Standards - if you have a business you are proud of, with a high level of customer satisfaction, find out how you can ensure that the world knows about it - and really trusts what they are being told.

If you care about your reputation, get in touch with us - because we care about the reputation of our clients as much as they do.

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