TripAdvisor vs the world


'Back in 2010, a UK reputation management firm called Kwikchex launched a campaign against TripAdvisor for publishing allegedly libellous anonymous reviews about hotels. In particular, it has been working with the Advertising Standards Agency to demonstrate how unverified reviews sites can be abused. However Tennessee judge recently ruled that there was no defamation caused by TripAdvisor including the Grand Resort, Pigeon Forge on its 2011 “Dirtiest Hotels” list: “It does not appear to the Court that a reasonable person could believe that TripAdvisor’s article reflected anything more than the opinions of TripAdvisor’s millions of online users.”

Does this mean that TripAdvisor is winning the “fake reviews” legal battle? Not quite. For one thing, it has quietly dropped its dirtiest hotels list. And in January this year, the Advertising Standards Agency ordered it to stop claiming reviews were real, honest and trusted. TripAdvisor grudgingly acquiesced, but was at pains to point out that the ruling had ‘no material impact on business’.'

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